Tenth Anniversary Silver Edition CD

Larry-Douglas Embury
Organist in Residence
Atlanta's Fabulous Fox Theatre

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Mighty Mo
"All that Jazz"

Larry-Douglas Embury
Organist in Residence
Atlanta's Fox Theatre

The Phantom of the Fox, Joe. G Patton
Performing "Joe's Song" with
Larry-Douglas Embury

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Larry-Douglas Embury presides over the thunder-and-whisper majesty of "Mighty Mo," the massive Möller organ that is the centerpiece of Atlanta's Fox Theatre - at 4600 seats, the largest grossing legitimate theatre in the country.  At the Fox Theatre, Embury is at the controls not just of the instrument itself, but of the lift which brings the organ platform up through the floor onto the stage, to the delight of the audience.

Encore Atlanta
Larry-Douglas Embury:
The man behind Mighty Mo
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Larry-Douglas has 5 CDs available on his website. Two of these CDs, Classical Love Songs and Amazing Grace, were recorded on Larry-Douglas' own Baldwin concert grand piano. His "Center Stage" CD was recorded on the Brewer 4/28 WurliTzer.

Larry-Douglas just released "Christmas at the Fox" Starring Larry, Carols and "MO" Performed on "MO" The Möller Concert Organ just in time for the 2006/2007 holiday season.  On our CD page you can get more information and even hear samples of all Larry-Douglas' CDs!

And, last but certainly not least, an innovative CD/DVD with new state-of-the-art complex visual component featuring the DVD debut of the Kaleidoplex™ Digital Light Organ "Sonic Bloom" (no longer available for purchase) features Larry-Douglas on both piano and organ, often with bass and drums for a jazz sound. The unique packaging by DuoArts, with both DVD Video and CD Stereo in the same package, makes Larry-Douglas' talent available on theatre systems with 5.1 surround sound, or on any conventional CD player.

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Larry-Douglas Embury

when he was at Pizza & Pipes
in the San Francisco Bay Area circa late 1970

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Larry, Carols & 'Mo'
Was another smash hit!
Christmas at the Fox 2009 with Joe Gransden
Christmas at the Fox 2008  |  Christmas at the Fox 2007  / 2007 Write-Up  | Christmas at the Fox 2006
Listen to excerpts from "Larry, Carols and Mo"
Larry-Douglas' Christmas CD

Atlanta’s Fox Theatre
has announced that
Christmas at the Fox
“Larry, Carols and Mo”
starring Larry-Douglas Embury
concert will be an annual event.

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Atlanta's Fox Theatre


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